Citizens of the World

In condemnation of the terror of Jo Cox, MP

The terror of Jo Cox on 16 June has brought about a wave of public anger and disgust of the right-wing anti-“foreigner” and racist policies in Britain and the perils of terrorist capabilities. Jo Cox was Member of Parliament, well known her adamant resistance against the right-wing policies of the UK government, and her stance in defence of the people who have had to flee the swamp of war in the Middle East, as well as the rights of the oppressed people of Palestine.

The right-wing anti-“foreigner” groups and parties have tried through the media to cover up the political nature of this terror and linking it to the psychological state of a

single murderer. However, his limited admission in the courts, in defence of politics behind the terror, has brought about a wave of anxiety across the whole society. The past and present psychological state of the murderer, does not in any way even explain the choice of the victim, nor its timing of just one week before the referendum of staying in or leaving the EU in Britain.

Whether the murderer was suffering from mental issues or not, or whether he acted alone or in conjunction with other racist organisations and gangs, …, none of these make any difference in the fact that this tragic murder was pre-meditated and political. It was very clear that when “anti-violence politicians” raised the banner of hatred against migrants and those fleeing from wars, their cronies enact such horrid acts of terror in the communities. 

The racists considered her as a “traitor”, but to her friends, to those fleeing from Syria and those held as victims in Palestine, as well as many people in Britain, Jo Cox was a symbol of humanity.

Citizens of the World considers her murder as a political act of terror and a sign of dangerous ground in attacking the civilised achievements and gains of the society in Britain and abroad. Citizens of the World has lost one its movement’s allies, and sends its condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

Undoubtedly, the society in Britain will rely on its humane and civilised responses to date in order to defend all its freedom seeking achievements. Citizens of World stands shoulder to shoulder alongside all those who condemn such an act of terror and defend the rights that the world has gained after two world wars and the wide-scaled tragedies of ethnic, national and religious cleansings. The tragic loss of Jo Cox has only made us all more resolute in the struggle to achieve our aims.

The Central Office of the Citizens of the World

18 June 2016