Citizens of the World

Citizens of the World!

International Campaign in Defence of the Right to Flee and Asylum
While the horrors of the atrocities of the Second World War is still fresh in the memory of the survivors of that war, millions more in Iraq, Syria and Libya are suffering similar fate. In the wake of total destruction of their homes, schools, hospitals and towns and villages and facing imminent death they take to the mountains, deserts and sea to avoid death.
The scale of the current human tragedy is such that the suffering of the refugees has extended across to the neighbouring states and millions of victims move towards Europe. The drowning of children in the Mediterranean waters is only the tip of the iceberg of a much greater catastrophe unfolding before our eyes.
There are different responses to this human catastrophe of the century. The desperate plight of these refugees, their exploitation at the hands of local and international people smugglers, their inhumane

treatments at the hands of the states on their escape route, … are all the harsh realities that have drawn us to play our part in organising a movement to defend the lives and integrity of these citizens of the world.

Aman Kafa, Soraya Shahabi
4 May 2016

Citizens of World!
International Campaign in Defence of the Right to Flee and Asylum

Founding Principles
1. "Citizens of the World" is an independent, non-governmental, and not for profit organisation committed to defending the human and civil rights of all those fleeing wars, poverty, oppression, persecution and all forms of discrimination, and their right to travel and move to a place of safety and security. Fleeing of people and moving from one place to another is not a local or regional, but a global phenomenon. World powers, regional states and national governments are directly responsible for creating conditions and calamities leading to the forcible departure of people from their homes. We demand that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to intervene directly and transfer all refugees to a safe place, and all the expenses to be paid by the major powers and the states causing their departure.

2. "Citizens of the World" holds the United Nations and the UNHCR responsible for the well-being and security of all unaccompanied children, aged sixteen and under, and their resettlement in a safe and secure environment in accordance with normal standard of welfare and well-being.

3. "Citizens of the World" both in terms of its outlook and the sphere of its activities is an international campaign. Our campaign to defend the right to flee and asylum is unconditional and irrespective of geographical, ethnicity, religion, politics and culture. The right to flee and asylum is an unconditional and universal right. We strive to support the displace people, to improve the plight of refugees where ever they may be, and the removal of the obstacles they face in their flight. "Citizens of the World" endeavours to expand its activities to as many countries and communities as possible.

4. "Citizens of the World" is an all-inclusive and non-governmental campaign and anyone who shares its aims can join its ranks or participate in its activities.

5. "Citizens of the World" will pursue all possible legal avenues, from lobbying governments and relevant agencies to organising direct actions, meetings, pickets and demonstrations to defend the rights of the displaced people and refugees.

6. "Citizens of the World" will rely on the financial contributions of its members and those who share its aims to carry out its activities. However the "Citizens of the World" would welcome the financial contributions of all governmental and non-governmental agencies that support its activities.

7. "Citizens of the World" is a not-for -profit organisation and apart from minimal full-time staff, relies on the voluntary work of its members and activists to carry out its campaign.
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