Citizens of the World

In support of the protest against Theresa May’s policies

The protests action on March, 25, in London symbolises the depth of outrage that is felt against the policies of the Theresa May’s government. Policies that are divisive, policies that are all pointing to more austerity and more hardship for tens of millions across Britain.

It has now become so clear that blaming “immigrants” for all the problems that people have been facing in this country, was only a charade. “Immigrants” were presented as the cause of problems facing the NHS, schools and education, poor housing, unemployment, etc. The orchestrated wave of right wing anti-“foreigner”

propaganda and activities that came afore with the Brexit campaign, was only a pretext to implement further austerity measures. The whole issue of “immigration” was used as a scapegoat to pursue a full-scale attack on all the values that are so humane and deep-rooted in this country.

Citizens of the World supports the protest of people in London on March 25, and urges all to participate and stands against the segregating policies of the May’s government. Citizens of the World calls on all to join the protest and stand together to uphold the right of all to health, education and decent social welfare. These are the basic rights of all human beings in the 21st century, and such rights do not come with a visa.


Citizens of the World supports the, and that flee wars and destitution and seek shelter and asylum in where they feel safe and equal rights for all who live in this country.


No racial; no religious Apartheid

Equal rights for all who live in the UK

Education, health and decent social welfare are human rights


Citizens of the World - London Office

March 2017